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World Investor Week – Day 5 Quiz

Day 5 Quiz (October 14, 2022). Participate daily and win exciting prizes.

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What is the primary purpose of investing?

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Debt capital has fixed _______

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Salman has Rs. 50,000 in his bank account. He has taken a loan of Rs. 30,000 from his bank. He has also invested Rs. 40,000 in shares. How much is his total liability?

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Under the dividend reinvestment plan, the dividend is _________.

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Which amongst the following is considered as “highly liquid” when it comes to conversion of assets into cash? (A) Money in savings account (B) Government bonds (C) Public Provident Fund.

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Which of the following entities can issue securities to raise capital in the securities markets?

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An Investment Company in your neighbourhood is assuring to double the money in two years. One of your relative who invested two years back have actually received twice the amount invested and he has strongly suggesting you to take benefit of this scheme. What do you think about this scheme?

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Mr. Ghyansham, aged 64 years is depending on a monthly annuity income to finance his expenses. The greatest risk faced by his cash flows is ___________.

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Which of the following are the initial shareholders of a company?

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Monthly income of Mr. Richard is Rs. 24,000 and his monthly expenditure is Rs. 34,000. This budget represents a ____________.

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Rules of the Quiz: WIW-NISM Quiz

  1. The Quiz is Open from 10th October, 2022 till 14th October, 2022.
  2. The participant has to login to and complete the quiz every day.
  3. Along with Quiz the participants must also have to share/repost the quiz to maximum connections with the below mentioned hashtags: #IOSCOWIW2022 #WorldInvestorWeekIndia #nism #sebi
  4. The Quiz consists of 10 questions for each day related to Securities Markets, No negative points for the wrong answer.
  5. Daily participation is compulsory to be eligible for the prize. If you miss participating on any of the five days then, you will not be considered for the prize.
  6. The results would be announced on 17th October, 2022.
  7. First Prize winner gets gift voucher worth INR 2500; Second Prize winner gets gift voucher worth INR 2000 & Third Prize winner gets gift voucher worth INR 1500.
  8. Every participant will get a Certificate of Participation.
  9. WIW Quiz is open for anyone above 18 years.


  • The decision of the NISM panel judges would be final and irrevocable.
  • If anyone found misleading the organizer or using unfair means to win, organizer reserves the right to disqualify them at any stage of the event.
  • NISM Organisers hold the right to make changes in the event structure during the Quiz

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