Securities Markets Basics


Securities Markets Basics

The Basics of Securities Markets Quiz helps you assess your understanding of the Indian securities market.

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Which of the following income avenues do NOT offer income on a regular basis?

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Which of the following Certifications is mandatory to become a Mutual Fund Distributor in India?

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Which of the following is an advantage of mutual funds?

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What is the real rate of return?

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In what form do mutual fund distributors earn revenue?

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Three Call series of XYZ stock – January, February and March are quoted. Which will have the lowest Option Premium (same strikes)?

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Which of the following entities do NOT participate in primary markets?

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Which of the following profiles involves making stock recommendations based on historic price and volume of stocks?

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In case of a stop loss order, the clients needs to mention which price?

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In securities markets, ASBA is an acronym for:

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