Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – eCPE

  1. What is eCPE and how is it different from the traditional CPE?

eCPE is NISM’s Continuing Professional Education programme delivered in online mode. In a traditional CPE, participants are required to physically visit CPE venue, typically, in a office meeting room, classroom or a banquet hall and attend a full-day training programme. However, in eCPE, candidates can access the training programme from their home/office at their convenience. eCPE consists of a mix of video lessons and quizzes

  1. What is the duration for eCPE?

The duration of an eCPE programme varies from module to module, usually 2 hrs to 5 hrs.

  1. What are the pre-requisites to access the eCPE course from home/office?

Candidates should have a laptop/desktop connected to a webcam and microphone with at least 2GB of RAM. The laptop/desktop should be connected to internet access having minimum speed of at least 2 Mbps. You can access the course from the latest version of Google Chrome browser

Please note that other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer are not supported at the moment. For best experience, it is recommended to use headphones/earphones to listen to video lessons.

Please be aware that office networks may block certain course content and therefore, you may not be able to access or complete the course from your office network. It is therefore, recommended to use your personal network preferably.

In case you do not possess a laptop/desktop, you may be unable to access the eCPE course.

  1. What is the fees for eCPE?

The fees for eCPE is ₹2500 which is to be paid only through NISM Certification Portal at

  1. How can I enroll for eCPE?

Following process may be followed for enrollment:

  • Candidates can enroll for eCPE through NISM Certification Portal at
  • After login, candidates can click on “Enrolment” -> “Enroll for CPE/eCPE” and select “e-CPE”.
  • Thereafter, candidates can select the “Module” and select appropriate “Category”, e.g., Normal Renewal/Grandfathered by Age/Grandfathered by Experience.
  • Thereafter, candidates can select a date and time slot during which they wish to attempt the eCPE course.
  • After completion of payment, candidates will receive the eCPE login credentials to their email and SMS, one day prior to the selected date.

Please note that eCPE course access will be valid only during the date selected during enrolment.

The candidate will have to apply sufficiently in advance, minimum 15 days in advance, to get the suitable date and ensure that he/she complete eCPE course before expiry of his/her certificate.

  1. How will I get eCPE login credentials? Are they different from my NISM Certification Portal credentials?

Candidates will be provided a link, username and password to access the enrolled eCPE course through email, one day prior to the course day. Please note that this email will be sent by 9 pm on the previous day.

Please check your mailbox including Spam / Junk mail folder.

  1. Can I take breaks during the eCPE course?

A eCPE course is divided into various lessons. You can take breaks between lessons, however, you are not advised to take breaks while the course lessons / videos are in progress.

  1. I could not complete the eCPE within the allotted access time? Is it possible to extend my access?

The course access is provided only for a limited period of time, i.e. two days from the eCPE date selected during enrolment. Candidates are expected to finish the course on the same day. In case candidates do not complete the eCPE course within the time period, no extension would be provided and the fees paid would be forfeited.

  1. Can someone else take the eCPE course on my behalf?

No, This would be violation of NISM’s Policy on Unfair means, Cheating, Forgery, Impersonation, etc. and will be acted upon as per provisions of the said policy.

  1. Can I attempt the eCPE from home/office or should I visit the test centre?

The eCPE course can be attempted at your convenience, either from your home / office. We advise you to access the course from a distraction free environment in order to make the best use of the course, however, you need to ensure that proper network is available in that location.

Please be aware that office networks may block certain course content and therefore, you may not be able to access or complete the course from your office network. It is therefore, recommended to use your personal network preferably.

  1. Is it mandatory to pass the eCPE course evaluation quiz at the end of eCPE?

No. However, you are expected to complete the evaluation with necessary seriousness to enable NISM to process your eCPE Certificate.

  1. How can I make suggestions or share feedback about the eCPE?

We would appreciate your suggestions/feedback at or

  1. I have completed the eCPE course? When will I receive the NISM certificate?

After completion of the eCPE course and course evaluation, NISM will process your certificate within 15-20 working days subject to verification of documents and eligibility.

  1. I have some questions pertaining to the eCPE course content. Whom can I ask these questions to?

You can ask your queries through email to or

  1. I do not have a laptop/desktop with internet access. Can I attend eCPE?

You will need a working laptop/desktop connected to a webcam and microphone with internet access to access the course. The minimum internet speed required should be 2 Mbps. Presently, the eCPE system is not yet ready for smartphones, therefore, you cannot access the course from your smartphone.

  1. Can I access the eCPE course from my smartphone?

No, you cannot access the eCPE course from a smartphone.

  1. I have not received the login credentials for eCPE. Whom can I contact?

The link and login credentials to access the eCPE course are sent one day prior to the course date selected by you during enrolment. In case you have not received them, please ensure to check the Spam / Junk Email folder.

In case it is still not received, you may recover your password by following the steps at and thereafter, proceed to login. Watch this video tutorial on How to access NISM eCPE course.

For any assistance, you may contact us at +91-8080806476 or write to

  1. I am facing technical difficulties in accessing the eCPE course. Whom can I contact?

For technical difficulties, we request you to contact the helpdesk: at +91-8080806476 between 09:30 hrs to 17:30 hrs. Please note that support is not available during weekends and public holidays.

  1. How can I download the eCPE presentation?

You can download the eCPE presentation in pdf format within the course. you will find the presentation in the “Disclaimer” chapter.

  1. My internet speed is slow. Can I access eCPE?

The eCPE course consists of video lessons in HD resolution (720p). We, therefore, recommend you to access the eCPE course from a stable internet connection. In case your internet speed is below 2 Mbps, you may be unable to access the course lessons.

  1. How can I access the eCPE course?

To access the eCPE course, please login to and click the eCPE Tab. Click on the desired eCPE course, for example, Mutual Fund Distributors eCPE. On the course page, please click on the first lesson name to begin the course. e.g., For Mutual Fund Distributors eCPE, click on the “Introduction to MFD eCPE” lesson. For more details, please watch the video below:

  1. I am unable to play the videos. Please help.

By default, your browser blocks autoplay of videos. Please enable Autoplay of Audio and Video to play the video lessons.

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