National Institute of Securities Markets administers Certification examinations and Continuing Professional Education programs as per SEBI (Certification of Associated Persons in Securities Markets) Regulation 2007.

NISM develops / approves content for various modules as per test objectives for the examination / Continuing Professional Education programs. Similarly, NISM also develops examinations for respective modules.

NISM does not provide any training, for preparation of examinations, directly or indirectly to participants who desire to appear for NISM examinations.

However, there are organisations / entities that are providing training programs / model test papers, in class room, online or any other format or medium, to participants who desire to appear for NISM examinations.

It is specifically being brought to the notice of all concerned that NISM is not directly or indirectly associated with such training programs or model test papers or any kind of training in any form for helping pass NISM certification examinations. Further, NISM has not authorised any organisation / person as authorised training partner / trainer for providing training for passing NISM certification examinations.

Every effort has been made to avoid errors and/or omissions and to provide correct, accurate and complete information on this website. In spite of this, it is possible that errors might creep in. Any mistake, error and/or discrepancy noted may be brought to notice of NISM which shall be taken care of by NISM. The information contained herein is strictly confidential and is meant for the intended recipients. Any alteration, transmission, photocopied distribution, in part or in whole and/or reproduction of any form of the information, without prior consent in writing, of NISM is strictly prohibited. Neither NISM nor any of their employee/s accept any liability whatsoever, for any loss arising from and/or in connection with the use of this website and/or contents thereof. NISM disclaims any and all liabilities for the acts, errors and omissions, conduct of any third party in connection with and/or related to your use of this website and/or contents thereof.

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