Certified BFSI Professional

A nine-month long eLearning program spreading over three semesters to enable graduate/post-graduate students for a career in the BFSI sector

Program Details

About the Program

The Certified BFSI Professional course is a 9-month long distance learning program spread over three semesters. The course is designed to help young aspirants to propel towards a successful career in BFSI sector. This is a first-of-its-kind initiative, offered jointly by three prestigious institutes in the financial domain viz NISM, IIBF & NIA.

Career Prospects

The Certified BFSI Professional Course equips the young individuals to foray into financial industry viz Banking & Finance or Securities Markets or Insurance Industry. The program is designed to cater to varied job roles, from the entry level executives to mid-management cadre in any of the BFSI Sector.

Course Outline

The program is for a duration of 9 months with 187 hours of intensive E-learning modules to impart basic knowledge across Banking & Finance, Securities Markets & Insurance sector. Each semester is spread over 3 months.

Candidates can register for the program anytime. An end-term exam, on predetermined date and time, will be conducted for the first two semesters. At the end of third semester, a final exam on a predetermined date and time will be conducted to mark completion of the program.


Exams will be held every quarter, on the second Saturday/Sunday in online mode via remote proctoring. Semester I & II exams will be for a duration of 90 minutes each comprising of 60 MCQs (20 MCQs from each section viz Banking, Securities Markets & Insurance). Minimum passing requirement is 50% in each section (Banking, Securities Markets, and Insurance) and 60% in aggregate. Semester III exam will be for a duration of 120 minutes comprising of 100 MCQs (40 MCQs from Banking, 30 MCQs each from Securities Markets & Insurance). Minimum passing requirement for the final exam is 50% in each section (Banking, Securities Markets, and Insurance) and 60% in aggregate. There is no negative marking.

Course Eligibility

In order to register for the course, an individual must have completed the first (1) year and pursuing second (2) year of any Under- Graduate course from a university recognized by UGC.

Course Duration

Duration of the program is 9 months spread over 3 semesters. Each semester will be of 3 months’ duration. Candidate will have access to the course material for a period of 15 months from the date of registration. Candidates not completing the course within 15 months will have to pay the registration fee again and re-enrol for the course.

Pedagogical Tools

To supplement the E-learning modules of the course, Video Lectures, E-books, Excel files etc. are also provided to facilitate the candidates to have a better understanding of the subjects. Contact classes will be conducted every month with a duration of 3 to 4 hours subject to student’s requests and queries. Interested candidates can register for these classes for clarifying their doubts or any concepts from the faculty at no additional cost.

Course Fee

The consolidated course fee for the program is Rs.19,200/- + GST. Candidates have to make the payment for the course fee in full at the time of registration. Re-examination fee of Rs.1500 + GST to be paid in full whenever applicable. In case any individual cancels or discontinues the program after registration, no refund of any amount will be given.

Discount would be offered to eligible entities subject to bulk registration of candidates.

Access to the Course

Once successfully enrolled, registered candidates will receive an email from NISM with details to login and start the course. Access to each Semester E-learning will be provided only after successful completion of the said semester exam.


On successfully completing all three Semesters within the validity period, a candidate will be awarded the ‘Certified BFSI Professional’ certificate. This will be a co branded certificate issued by NISM, IIBF & NIA. The certificate will be directly emailed to the candidates registered email id.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the program offer?
The program offers close to 187 hrs of learning in Banking, Securities Markets, and Insurance.
2. Who should consider joining the program?

Graduate/post-graduate students and candidates aspiring to take up a career in Banking & Finance, Securities Markets and Insurance can join the program.

3. What are the career prospects in the BFSI sector?

The Certified BFSI Professional program equips the young individuals to foray into financial industry viz Banking & Finance or Securities Markets or Insurance Industry. The program is designed to cater to varied job roles, from entry level executives to mid-management cadre in any of the BFSI Industry.

4. What benefits does the program offer?

BFSI is also called the backbone of economy. The course offers a holistic view of the financial products and services available in India.

5. How much is the program fee?

The program fee is Rs.19200/- plus GST.

6. What is the payment process?

Payment to be made in full during the registration for the program.

7. What is the time period for accessing the course?

Once registered, the validity period of the program will be for 15 months from the date of registration subject to clearing of all the three semesters. If unable to clear any of the semesters, one re-attempt is available by paying Rs.1500 plus GST, after which access to the said semester will be given.

8. Is the program online only?

Yes. The program is offered in online mode only.

9. What is the coverage of the program?

Course content consists of Basics, understanding various terminologies and fundamentals in the first trimester. The second trimester is moderately tough and provides the domain subjects and detailed nuances of the subjects. The third trimester consists of domain specialised subject.

10. How can I access the online learning modules?

Once registered the user id and password will be shared with the candidate. The online courses can be accessed using these credentials. Access will be given semester-wise after passing the respective semester examination.

11. How much time will it take to complete the program

The program should be completed in 9 months under ideal situation.

12. How frequently is the course content updated?

The course content is updated at regular interval subject to changes in the relevant topics.

13. Can I access the course content on my mobile/ tablet?

Yes. The content can be accesses from mobile/ tablet/ laptop/ PC.

14. Can I download the course content?

No. The content can not be downloaded.

15. What is the duration of each semester?

Three months.

16. How many times can I access the course content?

You can access as many times within the validity period.

17. Any other learning material provided as part of the course content?

E books and other learning materials will be provided through the LMS in Pdf format.

18. What is the exam schedule?

The exams will be conducted at the end of every quarter (March, June, September, December), preferably on the 2nd/ 4th Saturday. The dates will be declared in advance for the same.

19. How will the exam be conducted?

Exam will be conducted in online in proctored mode.

20. What if a candidate does not clear the exam?

The candidate will be given one more chance to re-appear for the exam by paying an additional exam fees of Rs.1500 plus GST.

21. How many re-attempts are allowed?

Only one re-attempt is allowed.

22. What is the passing percentage?

At least 50% in each module i.e Banking, Securities Markets and Insurance and 60% overall, in each of the three semesters.

23. Is there negative marking for wrong answers?

No. There is no negative marking.

24. What will be the format of exam scores?

Exam scores will be in percentage (%).

25. What is the eligibility criteria for the program?

Candidates who are or pursuing second year graduation, and above are eligible to register for the program.

26. What will be the exam duration?

90 minutes for first and second semester 120 minutes for the final semester exam.

27. Do I get placement opportunities/ support?

The very intention of starting this course is to equip the candidates with the information related to the BFSI sector. Our endeavor is to prepare the candidates well in the BFSI sector.

28. What is the cancellation/ refund policy?

No cancellation/ refund is permitted.

29. Is there any age limit to pursue this program?

No. There is not such age limit.

30. How can I get any technical help while accessing the modules online?

For technical help you may call Kiran 022-66735153/ Vinay 022-66735142 (Monday to Friday 9:30 AM till 5:30 PM) or email at elearning@nism.ac.in

31. How will the certificate be awarded to candidates?

A Joint certification, with the logos of the three entities viz NISM, IIBF & NIA, will be sent by email to the registered email ID of the candidates.

About the Institutions

About NISM

The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is a public trust established in 2006 by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the regulator of the securities markets in India. The institute carries out a wide range of capacity building activities….

About IIBF

Established in 1928 as a Company under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1913, the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), formerly known as The Indian Institute of Bankers (IIB), is a professional body of Banks, Financial Institutions, and their employees….

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Established in 1980, National Insurance Academy (NIA) is a leading institution for learning, education and research in Management, Insurance, Pension, and allied areas not only in India but in the African, Middle East and Southeast Asian region. A pioneering….

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